End Terminal

Product information
• End Terminal W Beam
Size: L10791 x W550 x H790(mm)
Material: Galvanized steel
• End Terminal Thrie Beam
Size: L5269 x W478 x H860
Material: Galvanized steel
Brief description
• Easy to install and maintain
• They are available in ET2 (80km/h, Korea standard) test
• System can be installed tangent or flared
• Utilizes many standard guardrail components
End terminals are used to end and complete road barriers. They are placed at the start and end of a barrier run. End terminals are installed in the center and on the side of the road where a recommended clear zone and recoverable slope are possible. Shindo’s end terminals combine safety, performance, and convenient installations. Our products are innovative, cost-effective, and the solution for your safety barrier applications.

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