CCS Parallel Cutting Video

Automated Powder Coating Process

Anti Glare Board

Product Information
Size: L285*W58*H650 (mm)
Material: PE
Key Features
• Easy to install and solid structure due to built-in SUS-made bolts
• Possible to mount on any guardrails with movable bracket
• Streamlined shape is not affected by wind
• Various bracket options for guardrails, PE guard walls, Concrete barriers

170324 Production process for Rolling Guard Barrier

CCSII Installation Video

Key Features of CCSII
• Reduced weight and narrowed width.
• Installed simply with anchor and screws: easy installation, maintenance, movement.
• Simple structure and component: more competitive price.

Shindo Crash Cushion System II
• The Shindo Crash Cushion System is designed to protect drivers in vehicles from 900 kg to 1500 kg from road hazards. The Shindo Crash Cushion System II(CCS II), has been tested in Europe as a redirective crash cushion to the maximum 100 km/h using 1317-3 standard. To fully comply with the definition of a System Type tested crash cushion, the Shindo CCS II has been further tested at 110km/h, 80 km/h, and 50 km/h.
• The CCS II is an EN 1317-3 compliant re-directive, bi-directional, non-gating, impact absorbing crash cushion
• Galvanized steel product and component for durability.
• The Shindo EN1317-3 family of crash cushions provides a broad range of impact protection for a variety of hazards and speeds, yet shares the most of common components.

CEN Cushioin Tank system avi

CCS110 900kg European Standard EN1317 3 Crash Cushion Test AVI

Flexible Delineator Post avi

Flexible Delineator Postassembly type

End Terminal

Product information
• End Terminal W Beam
Size: L10791 x W550 x H790(mm)
Material: Galvanized steel
• End Terminal Thrie Beam
Size: L5269 x W478 x H860
Material: Galvanized steel
Brief description
• Easy to install and maintain
• They are available in ET2 (80km/h, Korea standard) test
• System can be installed tangent or flared
• Utilizes many standard guardrail components
End terminals are used to end and complete road barriers. They are placed at the start and end of a barrier run. End terminals are installed in the center and on the side of the road where a recommended clear zone and recoverable slope are possible. Shindo’s end terminals combine safety, performance, and convenient installations. Our products are innovative, cost-effective, and the solution for your safety barrier applications.