Shindo TMA

Product information
Size: L1255*W1435*H550 (mm)
Color: Orange
Weight: 156kgs
Materials: PE, Aluminum and Steel (SS400)
Brief introduction
SHINDO TMA provides a wide range of protection for workers, drivers and motor vehicles by absorbing collision energy during rear-end impacts. It is designed to prevent impacting vehicles from under-riding the truck which causes fatal damages.
SHINDO TMA engineered to redirect errant vehicles to ongoing direction after angled impact, and guarantees the safety for motorists and the people in a working zone.
Key Features
• Steel frame is galvanized and reusable
• Both 20 aluminum absorbers in the cartridges and steel frames attenuate impact energy
• Orange powder coating available upon request
• Simple attachment options for standard truck
• Provides 60km/h impact protection
• System can withstand typical low-speed impact up to 10km/h
• Replaceable PE cartridge