Powder Coated Guardrail (CE certified)

Shindo Powder Coated Guardrail provide rigid protection to shield motorists from hazards located close to the edge of the travelled way.
It consists of a steel w-beam rail on steel posts with end treatments and transitions of various designs using similar materials
The high visibility of Powder Coated Guardrail creates driver confidence. This is an exceedingly important factor specially at night or in fog conditions.

1. Comparison between Powder Coated Guardrail and Zinc-galvanized Guardrail

Powder Coated Guardrail
on Zinc-galvanized steel
Product Zinc-galvanized Guardrail
No discoloration & corrosion after 1000 hours Salt Water
Spray Test
Discolored and corroded after 96 hours
Excellent Visibility Deteriorated after 3~6 months with
discoloration and corrosion
Non-glossy rail is mingled with existing guardrails After being
Glossy rail lacks unity with existing guardrails
No whitening phenomenon even after a few years in open-storage Storage Becomes not of merchantable quality after 3 months
due to whitening phenomenon
Non-glossy white or silver
Various colors are available upon request
Color Glossy & single-colored
Easy to keep lead time because
stock sale is available
Lead Time Unable to keep lead time because stock sale
is not available

2. Test Videos

1) Guardrail EN1317-3 H1 test video (TB11)

2) Guardrail EN1317-3 H2 test video (TB11)

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